You are the CEO's first report and the second position in the company. You directly manage all directors and centralize all operations. You are the tactical leader of the company, and solve issues arising during day-to-day operations. You also follow up on the progress of the team's development. You represent the CEO both inside and outside the company. Beyond the operational tasks, you also proactively advise him and provide him with suggestions. You will receive leadership training to substitute the CEO during his abence. You are in charge of organizing the training of the team. Potential to be promoted to COO.


  • Centralize and coordinate operations

  • Develop the strategy into operational plans

  • Develop systems to ensure operational success

  • Sets KPIs to achieve the company's goals

  • In charge of recruitment interviews

  • Accompany the CEO in partner negotiations

  • Represent the CEO both internally and externally

  • Organize internal and partner meetings

  • Mentor & coach the team

  • In charge of the well being, joy and motivation of the team and the community.

  • Develop global strategy, analyse trends & market with the CEO

  • Develops department budgets

  • Develop the philosophy, vision and policy together with the CEO


  • Female ENTP (MBTI)

  • Mediation and conflict management skills

  • Like challenges and leadership

  • Excllent communicator & motivator

  • Good debater, brainstormer

  • Great at multitasking & adaptable

  • Fair understanding of business legal issues

  • Learns new skills quickly

  • Likes to be a coach, mentor, instructor

  • Free to travel on a regular basis to develop the company internationally.

  • Very flexible with your time

  • Good health condition and regular practice of physical activity

  • Acting, dancing, musician, singing talent appreciated

  • Experience abroad appreciated

  • Native Korean

  • Good English

  • French appreciated


  • 2.6M - 4M KRW depending on experience, company shares