Netizens are drawn by the beauty of a new K-pop female trainee from Kazakhstan

Many netizens are gathering their attention to the possible first K-pop idol member from Kazakhstan. 

On November 10th, SG Entertainment revealed a teaser of their upcoming girl group and announced that a new trainee would join the group.

The agency revealed two photos of trainee Aiganym through their social media. The agency asked for interest and support for the new member. Many netizens were drawn to the alluring vibe of the new trainee as Aiganym gazes at the camera.

Many netizens praised that Aiganym gives off a very mysterious and esoteric vibe that was unique. What also interested fans was that Aiganym will be the first Kazakhstani idol once she debuts.

Korean netizens who have come across the news of the new Kazakhstan member commented, "She looks like TWICE's Dahyun and Tzuyu together" and "She looks pretty."

Currently, SG Entertainment uploaded a cover video of the various girl trainees from their agency. Many were able to see Aiganym among the girls dancing.

Source: Allkpop

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