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SG Entertainment: An entertainment company that amalgamates the best of East &West and academies & a

SG Entertainment is the first of kind music and video label startup combining an academy and a production studio. Founded by two French entrepreneurs in 2018, SG Entertainment is the only entertainment company using a French-Korean pedagogic approach.

Train artists, build network, benefit advertisers

The startup aims to build a global network of artist influencers that can help advertisers reach fans with their products. SG Entertainment aims to train the artists through their creative academies, help build their reach and leverage the fan base to promote the advertising partners’ products. SG Entertainment’s model combines an academy and agencies to produce a solution with benefits for both the advertisers and stakeholders. Advertisers get full control over influencers, international coordination and reach, and two sources of fan-base through the academy and the agency. For the stakeholders there is a revenue generation opportunity through the academy, agencies and advertising deals.

The creative academy of the startup has a wide range of tutoring of dance, singing, acting, etc., skills with monthly plans priced at $500 and individual classes at $35. The SG Agency will also have internal auditions for selecting the talent. The students have a chance to become employees of the startup. The artists and performers can get support for marketing and branding.

French founders with the best interest for Korea

Joon-Hae Woo and Thomas Sommer are well experienced in the entertainment and international trade industries. Woo has more than 17 years of experience as a music composer, singer, songwriter, while Sommer has over 12 years of experience in adtech, international trade and marketing for startups. Through SG Entertainment, the founder duo wants to social, economic and cultural change to Korean shores by training students, creating jobs and promoting the influence of Korean culture abroad through creative content.

Global reach for entertainers & promoters

The startup has moved its office from Europe to Seoul, leased a studio in the Hongdae area of the city and imported state-of-art equipment for music production and recording. The company hired 5 Korean nationals and is working with many freelancers for production.  The academy has 25 students generating monthly revenue of $8000. The projected annual revenue for future with 500 students in each academy is $2.7 million.

In 2020, SG Entertainment will be looking to launch its digital presence in the EU market, set up two more academies and produce its first band and solo artists. The startup has plans to launch academies in Taiwan, China, Singapore, US and Canada. The startup is looking at strategic investors for its Series A funding of $500k. SG Entertainment projects that each of its artists will have 100,000 fans which will enable an advertiser to reach over 15 million fans through their SG International Agency and over 100 million fans globally through the SG Network. 

Announces to launch an all-girl band in 2020

“We will create a new K-pop trend by introducing a European system that maximizes individuals’ potential based on human values and creativity”, says Joon-Hae Woo, SG Group’s CEO.

SG Group announced in May 2020 that it is currently recruiting a four-member girl group with excellent skills and visuals, and will introduce the trainees to the public later this year. Meanwhile, SG Academy is taking the lead in providing a curriculum to become experts in the entertainment field, and is currently training students in its Creator and Idol Tracks.



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